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The Future Of Supply Chain And Logistics

With the introduction of automation, big data, and asset sharing to the industry, the future of the supply chain and logistics might appear uncertain. However, these advancements could spell out positive changes for all parties.  The Future

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How To Ship From Different Suppliers In China

Shipping your goods from different suppliers in China is a costly time- and energy-suck. Consolidation is a cost-effective way of shipping from different suppliers in China.  If you’ve found your niche as a small eCommerce company, that’s

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What Is An HS Code?

You cannot ship goods internationally without the correct HS code. We explain what an HS code is, why you need one, how to get one, and how to decode them.  Do you know what a smart business

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Landed Cost

Landed cost is the sum of all expenses associated with importing your goods from China to South Africa. This includes the cost of the goods paid to your supplier, the shipping costs, clearance costs and the import taxes & duties.

It is represented on a per unit cost and helps you with:

  •  Understanding what you would need to charge for the product to make it profitable
  •  How to cost the goods in your accounts or accounting package

Note: This is not what you are paying to Airpool but rather what you are paying to all the suppliers and relevant parties: Airpool, the Manufacturer of the goods and the Import Taxes (VAT & Duties)