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Is your small business geared for Valentine’s Day? Follow these tips and maximise your profits this February 14th with some great product ideas.

How To Get Your Customers’ Hearts Racing This Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again, folks! That’s right, Valentine’s Day is coming in hot – and as a small business owner, you’re probably looking for ways to spice up your online store and make a love connection with your customers.

Couples’ corner: sell these products to the smitten


Let’s start with the obvious: couples. They’re the bread and butter of Valentine’s Day sales and, as always, they will search for gifts to express their love and affection to their significant other. Or, you know, just to get them in the mood.

So, first things first, stock up on the classics: chocolates, flowers, and teddy bears. These are tried and true Valentine’s Day gifts that never go out of style and that you can easily obtain from your local supplier. But don’t stop there, branch out and think outside the (chocolate) box:


First on the list, adult board games – because let’s face it, Monopoly just doesn’t have the same thrill. So, stock up on some spicy board games or playing cards for the lovebirds looking to bring some heat to the table.


Lingerie is always a classic, but why settle for plain old cotton when you can give your customers the option to go for leather or lace? Check out Alibaba for a wide range of styles that can be shipped from China.

– Don’t forget role-playing costumes – not only will they add a little excitement to your customers’ V-Day plans, but they’ll also bring in some serious dough.

Self-love is the best love: product ideas for the singles


Not everyone is coupled up on Valentine’s Day, and that’s okay! Many singles like to celebrate by treating themselves to something special. So, don’t forget about this market when planning your Valentine’s Day sales. And again, you can find many of these products at affordable prices through suppliers in China:

– Books: Whether it’s a self-help book or a steamy romance novel, books make great gifts for those who want to curl up and indulge in some self-care.


– Personalised wine glasses: Those who prefer to drink their feelings on Valentine’s Day will find glasses with sassy sayings printed on them perfect.


– Cooking supplies: For the single foodies out there, help them whip up a romantic meal for one with cooking utensils and recipe books.


–  Self-love toys: Give your customers the gift of pleasure by stocking up on some self-love toys (note that battery-operated items can’t be shipped, but there are still plenty of other fun options available on Alibaba).


Love is in the air-freight: ship with Airpool

Looking for a reliable and efficient air freight service to ship your Valentine’s Day products from China to South Africa? Look no further than Airpool – we’re the fastest way to your customers’ hearts (and their doors).

 The bottom line: make your business the apple of your customers’ eyes this V-Day

Whether you’re catering to couples or singles, don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to Valentine’s Day sales. Remember, love comes in many forms and there’s a product out there for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your heart racing with sales this Valentine’s Day by offering a wide variety of fun products and utilising a reliable shipping service like Airpool. Trust us, your customers will be head over heels for the convenience and speed of your shipping, and your profits will be soaring higher than Cupid’s arrow!


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Landed Cost

Landed cost is the sum of all expenses associated with importing your goods from China to South Africa. This includes the cost of the goods paid to your supplier, the shipping costs, clearance costs and the import taxes & duties.

It is represented on a per unit cost and helps you with:

  •  Understanding what you would need to charge for the product to make it profitable
  •  How to cost the goods in your accounts or accounting package

Note: This is not what you are paying to Airpool but rather what you are paying to all the suppliers and relevant parties: Airpool, the Manufacturer of the goods and the Import Taxes (VAT & Duties)