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A cost-effective way to get your packages from China to South Africa.

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Have All Your Packages From China Airpool Together To South Africa.

Airpool enables you to buy all your goods from various suppliers in China and have the products delivered as a consolidated shipment to South Africa.

What is Consolidation?

Consolidation is the process of combining multiple orders into one tracking number. This allows your packages to be delivered together but in their original packages.

Why Consolidate?

When packages are shipped individually, each package’s shipping cost is calculated separately (and there is usually a minimum surcharge), but when you consolidate, the shipping fee is calculated on the bulk order which works out much more cost-effectively.

Save time and money with our service offering and get back to what really matters:

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How It Works


Register to use our portal

We require a short introduction to know who we are dealing with.

Place your order on the portal

Let us know which packages from which suppliers we should consolidate for you, and to which end address they need to be delivered to in SA. Please note that you will need to order the packages directly from the supplier, and you also need to arrange delivery of the packages to our hub in China.

Consolidation at AirPool Hub in China

We will start consolidating your packages as they arrive at our hub in China. The packages will then ‘airpool’ (be shipped) to SA.

Delivered in SA

Once the packages arrive in SA, we will make haste to have them delivered to your specified end address.



Helping SMME’s and small businesses find a cost-effective solution to import from China.


Counterfeit goods, alcohol or other items and conditions that may be prohibited or restricted by law, money, explosives, human corpses or body parts, cash on delivery shipments, firearms, plants and seeds, perishables, pornography, hazardous waste, dangerous goods as deemed by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) or other relevant organisation, dead or live animals, goods requiring special licensing, batteries or any goods containing batteries and accessible/inaccessible hazardous goods.

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