Discover the most profitable products for Easter 2023 and get ready to fill your customers’ baskets with joy!

Don’t Get Scrambled: Here’s What to Sell for Easter 2023


It’s almost Easter, the holiday where we celebrate new beginnings and eat our weight in candy. As a small business owner, you don’t want to be left in the dust (or should we say, grass?) when it comes to selling the hottest Easter products.

But with so many options out there, it can be challenging to choose which ones will be the most profitable for your business. Luckily, we have scoured the internet to present you with the cream of the crop – the top products that will make your customers’ baskets overflow with joy.


#1: Easter eggs

As per Google Trends, Easter eggs rank third highest in general Easter-related queries for 2023, so it’s no surprise that this classic item is a must-have for your store. But don’t just settle for any old egg, go for the fun and unique ones, like wooden or ceramic eggs.

You can also offer DIY-egg-decorating kits that include paint, stickers, and other decorations. This will be a hit with both children and adults, and your customers will love the idea of creating their own unique Easter eggs.


#2: Baskets and gift sets

Another Easter tradition that’s here to stay is the Easter basket, which ranked sixth in Easter gift-related queries. Parents and grandparents love putting together baskets full of treats and toys for the little ones, and there’s no shortage of demand for them. If you’re not already selling Easter baskets, it’s time to start. You can put together pre-made baskets or offer a build-your-own option with a variety of goodies to choose from.


#3: Easter-themed clothing

People are always looking for the latest Easter outfits, whether it’s for church, brunch, or Easter egg hunts. So, why not stock up on some pastel-coloured shirts, onesies, and cute accessories? From floral prints to bunny ear headbands, there are plenty of fashion trends to capitalise on this Easter season.


#4: Get creative with decorations

If there’s one thing people love about Easter (besides the chocolate, of course), it’s the chance to decorate their homes in pastels, bunnies, and eggs. From placemats to table runners to ceramic figurines, there are endless possibilities when it comes to Easter decorations for those who are hosting dinner parties.

You can also offer Easter-themed dishware and cutlery to complete the festive look. With the rise of DIY and home decor trends, customers will be looking for unique and stylish options to spruce up their homes.


#5: Plush Easter bunnies

Who doesn’t love a cute and cuddly companion? Plush toys are a classic item to sell during this season, and for a good reason. They are adorable and make for great Easter basket fillers. Consider carrying a variety of sizes and styles to appeal to a wide range of customers. 


#6: Holiday cards

In the age of digital communication, sending a physical card has become a special gesture. So, why not offer some Easter cards for your customers to send to their loved ones? You could offer pre-made cards or even allow your customers to create their own. Make sure to include some cute Easter-themed designs to really get into the spirit.


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Final thoughts

Remember, Easter only comes once a year, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to make some serious sales. Hop into action and start brainstorming some great products that your customers will love!

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